314 is the number of federally recognized Native American Indian reservations.


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Dress up the evening with a vintage rhinestone cocktail necklace.

This 1940s fur felt and ostrich feather hat is one of a kind. (at Cool Pony Crown Heights)

We found this photo book of Hollywood stars—from Theda Bara to Marilyn Monroe; Viva Vamp, 1959 #estatesale #treasure #vintagebooks #photos #marilynmonroe #gretagarbo #fashioninspiration

Alex is finding some #vintage gems in our backyard sale, including the rad shirt she’s wearing. Come by this weekend and find some great pieces under $30 to step up your summer style before its too late!

We have some great books, across a lot of genres. We’ve placed this gem in our self-help/survival guide section. #books #readordie

Long live #vinyl.

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